Spain is the original country of Latinos peoples. this country is the most historical country in the world, this country is number one producing male beauty pageant. I guess Beauty King and Queen blood from Spain had been turning in to Latin America, they kids nation. one of most atlented and sexiest male model(and actor) that I recognized is Daniel Villa,from first saw I want thought he was David Villa(Mexican actor) little brother but I'm wrong. Well at least I'm liitle bit right because they born in in the same ancestor line.

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Daniel is one of greatest aspiring actor from his generation in Spain. his telenovelas had becoming worldwide popularity and gaining him as one of top male actor from Spain. Well I guest peoples watch his drama not only because his acting quality but rather than his good looks. I bet you will approved my statement from the pictures below with some sexy sex appeal from this gorgous actor.


Daniel is represented

by Elite model management

Vital statistics:

Height: 6”

Weight: 165lbs

Waist: 30”

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Brown

Daniel Villa

- is from Bogota, Colombia but currently resides in New York City, USA.

He grew up in the capital of Colombia where he had a very active childhood. His dad was a race car driver so he when he grew up he was never far from a race track. He became a BMX Racer at 5 years old then started doing motocross and kart racing. He played soccer, went rollerblading, rock climbing or running. He never stopped. He was very hyper and had an amazing group of friends.

Daniel has been modelling for about 6 years and he started acting when he was 9 years old. His first gig was a huge cookie commercial that played all over South America and Central America; he was 9 years old and he booked the principal role, which was incredible since it was his first audition. Daniel’s TV work is in telenovelas.

He was a competitive speed skater for many years, so he is a very disciplined and hard working person. The work ethic he developed as a competitive athlete has helped him in many aspects of his life, not least in modelling and acting.

His drive is a mixture of loving what he does and being very competitive with himself. He has a passion for modelling and acting and it brings joy into his life... he is pursuing his dreams.

Daniel enjoyed his shoot with Rick Day (top 11 photos). He says that Rick made him feel very comfortable and really knows how to make you look your best. Daniel is also very happy with how the images came out.

Daniel feels very fortunate to be doing what he loves for a living! He feels that it’s already a big success for him! Career wise he is looking forward to being part of a big motion picture or a successful TV series

** Some bio info taken from Daniel’s interview with Christopher Michaels for Hunk du Jour.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011